About Us

Byblos (in Arabic ‘Jbail’) in Lebanon is one of the world’s oldest
continuously inhabited cities, as attested by the incredibly diverse
ages of its ruins. Thought to have first inhabited sometime around
the 5th millennium BC, Byblos began as a Neolithic village of
Byblos Lebanese Cuisine Landed at Bondi adding e very exquisite
experience insuring tradition in fusion by hand crafting every single
dish using the freshest product and spices imported from Lebanon.
A new Journey Started for 3 business partners adding their years of
experience together and combining 3 villages patrimony into one
plate, at Byblos Lebanese Cuisine.

Our mission towards our Patrons is to provide them with a
distinctive experience, fulfilled with an aromatic expedition, served
with passion and surrounded with a feeling home atmosphere,
taking them to the old souk at Byblos. It is with food that the
Lebanese express their generosity and hospitality. To inspire and
nurture the human spirit.

Our Vision is to create a dynamic and innovative company that
provides a world class food and hospitality services, by focusing on
our customer service and our presences as a technology driven
company. We also chose to invest in our people, our greatest
resource, this formula allows us to serve our clientele with products
that meet high standards. We aim to build enduring relationships by
understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs and by
providing them with a better service every time.